Middle East and North Africa

Regional Documents:

  Date Published Title Author
August 1, 2017Social Housing in the Arab Region: An Overview of Policies for Low-Income Households’ Access to Adequate HousingEconomic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
2017The Africa Competitiveness Report 2017
2017Middle East North Africa Funding Chart
December 2016SANAD Housing Finance Study: Housing Finance in the Middle East and North AfricaHans-Joachim Dübel and Olivier Hassler
2016MENA - Mortgage loans as a percent of GDP 2015Hofinet
2016MENA - Urbanization 2015Hofinet
2016MENA - Urbanization vs. mortgages 2015Hofinet
2016MENA - Real GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016MENA - Mortgages vs. GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016MENA - Mortgages vs. GDP per capita 2015Hofinet
2016Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability in the Arab RegionAnanthakrishnan Prasad
2014Arab Countries in Transition: An Update on Economic Outlook and Key ChallengesPrepared by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund
2014Do the Type of Sukuk and Choice of Shari'a Scholar Matter?Christophe J. Godlewski
2013Middle East Tax handbook 2013: Spotlight on tax
2013Arab Countries in Transition: Economic Outlook and Key ChallengesInternational Monetary Fund
2013Economic Prospects and Policy Challenges for the GCC CountriesStaff of the International Monetary Fund
2011Housing and Real Estate Finance in the Middle East And North Africa CountriesOliver Hassler
2011Housing and Real Estate Finance in Middle East and North Africa CountriesOlivier Hassler
2011International Capital Flows and House Prices: Theory and EvidenceJack Favilukis
2010Recent Credit Stagnation in the Mena Region: What to Expect? What Can Be Done?Adolfo Barajas
2010Middle East & North Africa Urbanization Population Data, % Total Population 2010The World Bank
2010Middle East & North Africa Real GDP Data, Annual Percent ChangeInternational Monetary Fund
2010Middle East & North Africa Mortgage Sector Data, % of GDPThe World Bank
2009The Housing Cycle in Emerging Middle Eastern Economies and its Macroeconomic Policy ImplicationsSamya Beidas-Strom, Weicheng Lian, and Ashwaq Maseeh
2008Housing Finance in the West BankStephen B. Butler
2005The Macroeconomic and Sectoral Performance of Housing Supply Policies in Selected MENA Countries: A Comparative analysisDeniz Baharoglu, Nicolas Peltier, and Robert Buckley
December 1999 Mortgage Market Reform in EgyptNathan Associates Inc.
1960Housing Finance in IsraelDoron Nachmany