Microfinance: Learning from Developing Countries — and Past Experience

Date Published 4/25/2014
Author Knowledge @ Wharton
Theme Retail Housing Finance

April, 25, 2014

What kinds of lessons can providers of micro finance services in the U.S. learn from microfinance practices overseas? Three experts from the microfinance industry addressed that question during a panel discussion at the eighth annual Penn Microfinance Conference, whose theme was “Microfinance: Beyond Its Roots.”  In addition, keynote speaker Elizabeth Rhyne, managing director of the Center for Financial Inclusion, discussed how the microfinance industry is moving beyond its reliance on lending into multiple new directions, including innovations in the health care sector.

The three panel experts were Julie Siwicki, a research associate at the Financial Access Initiative and a research associate at U.S. Financial Diaries; Vanessa Carter, executive director of Lend f or America, and Alexandra Fiorillo, principal at GRID Impact.

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