Housing Finance in a Changing Global Environment

Start Date 6/18/2018
End Date 6/30/2018
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It is that time once again, the International Housing Finance Program is accepting applications for its annual executive education program from June 18th, 2018 to June 30th, 2018 at the Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Please note that because of the tentative date of Eid Ul Fitr, the course will be held later than usual.

The Wharton International Housing Finance Course - Housing Finance In a Changing Global Environment - offers housing finance professionals from around the world a unique opportunity to connect with some of Wharton's leading faculty in housing finance and other prominent thinkers in business strategies to expand housing finance services efficiently and safely and connect with peers from across the world. Access to housing finance is the cornerstone of extending formal housing delivery and improving existing housing quality.

The Wharton International Housing Finance course will take place from June 18 to 30 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please note that we moved the timing of the course to the second half of June, in order to prevent overlapping with the Eid-ul-Fitr Holiday. Applications are due by May 4, 2018, but interested candidates should start visa procedures early.



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